February 13th, 2008

McCain Momentum Sweeps Virginia

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John McCain’s victory in Virginia yesterday – along with victories in Maryland and D.C. – sets him up nicely to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. I’ve been blogging and writing op-eds forecasting the McCain momentum for some time, and not only am I glad to see it happen, I’m thrilled to be part of the winning team.

I also enjoyed reading this item in yesterday’s “Yeas & Nays” gossip column in the DC Examiner newspaper:

Fred Malek is McCain’s new moneyman

John McCain is back in town for today’s Potomac primary (he’s still a senator, too, we’re pretty sure), so he’s taking the opportunity to raise some coin while he’s chasing votes.

Fred Malek, the former Nixon aide, founder of Thayer Capital Partners and ex-suitor of the Washington Nationals, is hosting a fundraiser for McCain at his McLean home tonight.

Among his co-hosts are former VP candidate Jack Kemp, Bill and Bobbie Kilberg, Kathy Kemper, Jim Valentine and Carter Pate.

The price of admission is the maximum individual donation of $2,300.

According to FEC records, Malek has already kicked in his $2,300 to McCain, though it’s a small drop in the bucket of the hundreds of thousands he’s given to Republicans over the years. He also gave $2,150 to the senator’s erstwhile opponent, Mitt Romney.

Nice item, it was a great event, and I appreciate the attention they gave to my work on behalf of Sen. McCain. Just for the record, though, I haven’t contributed to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

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