May 20th, 2009

From One Politico to Another

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Imagine my surprise to visit Politico today and find a story about me and my blog: “GOP kingmaker leans toward Mitt Romney.” As the headline indicates, it’s not an unflattering article, and it pays notice to my post of May 15 about the leaders who are our party’s best hopes for the future.

But I do want to make a couple points of clarification. RedState also picked up the item that same day, where it received 62 comments (although one of them was my own). That may not set any world records, but it was a vigorous debate about our best and brightest. Others mentioned some very promising individuals I had left out, including Bobby Jindal. There was also some lively discussion about the role of moderates in the party.

The second is that I do not want to give anyone too much hope (or strike too much fear) that I am nearing an endorsement of any potential candidate. I did include Romney’s name prominently and offered both praise and critical observations. I wish him the best of luck if he decides to run again, just as I wish the same to others who may try in 2012 — and thanks to Politico for reading. 

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