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Doing What’s Right in Washington

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Bisnow’s Lodging Investment Summit last week and decided to dish out one of my favorite credos: from the West Point motto is to choose the harder right over the easier wrong.

Following the event I took some time think about how conservatives can apply this to tackling some of our biggest policy issues in Washington and across the country.

Having the courage to do what’s right is becoming increasingly important in today’s policy debates. John Boehner recently said in response to his frustration over immigration reform: “I’ve had every brick and bat and arrow shot at me over this issue, just because I wanted to deal with it. I didn’t say it was going to be easy.” Taking on big issues isn’t easy and it takes courage to stand up to business as usual in Washington, whether it’s reforming our broken immigration system, controlling our runaway debt, or fixing our crumbling entitlement programs.

To do what’s right we must stick to our core principles of smaller government and economic freedom; personal responsibility over government dependence; and a free market economy that benefits all Americans. We cannot afford to distract ourselves with the less important issues of the day, and we must recognize the difference between personal beliefs and what’s best for the country.

Working across the aisle takes courage, but bipartisanship by itself is empty if we fail to understand our differences and get to the core of what’s best for the country. Understanding the big problems and proposing answers that have broad support is critical to advancing our cause.

I’m looking forward to working with conservatives at the state and federal level in the coming election cycle and will continue to encourage lawmakers to stand up with the courage to make tough decisions.