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As Boehner Looks to the Future His Position as Speaker Remains Stronger than Ever

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Speaker John Boehner’s skillful leadership has led us through rocky times, proving that he is truly invaluable for the country’s future. During his often tumultuous rein as Speaker, he has served as the chief negotiator with President Obama and proven his unrelenting commitment to conservative principles. It is also clear that no one in the Republican Party has worked harder to settle intraparty differences, a skill that will become increasingly important as Republicans look to move their top legislative priorities after the Senate swings their way after the midterms.

Eric Cantor’s primary loss and his subsequent decision to step down as Majority Leader was a blow to the Republican Party. It also led to some speculation that the Speaker might consider giving up his gavel at the start of a new Congress. However, Boehner silenced any speculation this week when he said he was “all-in” to remain as Speaker.

Boehner’s impressive fundraising efforts (he’s helped raise $88 million for Republicans in 2014), and his new pledge to donate more than $1 million just this week to the House Republican Campaign Fund are signs the Speaker is committed to ensuring his colleagues are reelected. These are also strong indications that he is working to consolidate his power among rank and file members.

There’s no doubt that Republicans are in a good place to hold or increase seats in the House, and John Boehner’s leadership has clearly helped solidify that position. There are few in Congress that posses his experience as an able lawmaker and conservative leader, and we are fortunate to have him.

I am pleased to see the Speaker reaffirm his commitment to leading the House of Representatives for the remainder of this session and on to the next.

Eric Cantor: A Principled Conservative Leader

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

When we hear people talk about principled conservative leadership, it’s easy for me to have Eric Cantor in mind.

Eric led the House Majority from the front. He took a policy oriented, yet savvy political approach and served as Speaker Boehner’s most trusted lieutenant during one of the most difficult times to run the Congress. With partisan rancor at an all time high, President Obama’s big government assault, and a struggling economy — Eric managed to execute a very difficult job with integrity.

I often counsel conservatives and Republicans to put their minor differences aside and work together to tackle our country’s most pressing issues. Following the path of common ground will be critical for Republicans this fall. We can no longer afford to bicker over minor differences when we all share the same goal of ensuring every citizen has the opportunity to better themselves and pursue the American dream. While Eric may not appear on the ballot come November, I am certain that he will continue to be a champion for this common-sense approach and for conservatives across the country.

Eric’s commitment to preserving liberty and providing opportunity to every American should serve as the standard for all those who seek public office. His accomplishments in Washington cannot be overlooked. He has fought to protect Americans from losing their insurance under Obamacare and helped roll back spending in Washington for the first time in decades. The stack of bills Eric ushered through the House demonstrates the pro-growth policies we need to help a struggling country and middle-class.

Whatever Eric and his family decide to do, I know they will remain committed to public service. We wish them well, and are thankful for their service to our country.