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Reacting to the Supreme Court’s Decision

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Our government functions within a system of checks and balances.  By design, each branch of government is regularly at odds with the others to prevent the abuse of power.  There are certainly instances when this structure produces outcomes that elicit polarizing responses from different groups of people.  The Court’s decision last week to expand the definition of marriage is case and point.

We live in a country that encourages dissent and freedom of speech.  But if the Republican Party is serious about winning national elections, we must respect decisions handed down by the High Court and work within the confines of our Constitution and reality to promote a governing agenda for the American people.

Abolishing the Supreme Court, as some have suggested, is not only unconstitutional, but to me, deeply concerning.  Furthermore, pursuing a constitutional amendment to overturn the Court’s decision would be a gross waste of resources and would almost certainly crash and burn.  This brash rhetoric is not only bad for our Party but also bad for the country.

Republicans running for President would be wise to keep their eye on the prize: winning the general election and laying out a vision for the country that focuses on jobs, the economy and expanding access to the American Dream.

The American people are paying close attention to how our candidates respond to this.  I’ll be paying close attention as well.