October 29th, 2015

Statement Supporting Paul D. Ryan As Speaker of The House

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Congressman Paul D. Ryan has proven himself to be a knowledgeable and thoughtful leader with the policy background and political acumen to lead the House of Representatives. He has been the go-to budget expert in the House and will bring a clear and compelling message on economic reform to the Speaker’s Office.

Having know him since he was an intern to the great Jack Kemp at Empower America, where I served on the Board of Advisors, I know of his great intellect and consistent and high integrity.

During his tenure in the House, Congressman Ryan has championed the cause for a smaller, more efficient, and less costly government.  He has worked diligently as Chairman of the House Budget and Ways & Means Committees to confront our country’s biggest problems.

Congressman Ryan has been tested on the national stage as a Vice Presidential candidate and I am confident he has what it takes to unite the party and advance a conservative governing agenda as he moves to Congress’ top spot.  I would like to congratulate Mr. Ryan for becoming 62nd Speaker of the House and I wish him the best of luck as he takes on this enormous responsibility for the country and for the Republican Party.

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