June 14th, 2016

Giving Back At West Point: A Calling and an Honor

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Giving back to West Point has never felt like a duty or an obligation.  For the institution that gave me so much and shaped my character, way of thinking, and ultimately my entire life, it’s been a calling.  It’s a feeling that many of my other classmates share, that only those who went through what we did can fully comprehend.

Yesterday we broke ground on a project that West Point has long needed. Soccer is a big league sport now, and we need a big stadium for more fans to come out and watch with a press box for the media.

Yesterday’s groundbreaking on the beautifully planned new soccer stadium was a wonderful event, and I would like to thank all of those involved, including: The West Point Association of Graduates; COL (R) Robert McClure ’76, WPAOG’s President and CEO Army West Point Athletics USMA Superintendent LTG Robert L. Caslen, Jr. ’75; Boo Corrigan, Director of Athletics at Army West Point; Head women’s soccer coach Marcia McDermott and assistant men’s coach Rich Costanzo; and everyone else who has helped this project to move forward.

As a former soccer player and student athlete during my years at West Point, I’m thrilled to ensure that the facilities our cadets practice and compete in are on par with the world class education and instruction West Point provides. West Point gave me the tools to go forward and compete successfully, and I am confident that this project will help the current and future cadets to do the same. It’s important for me and other alumni to come back and ensure that cadets continue to enjoy the opportunities we had, and hopefully more all the time. These young men and women deserve the best facilities and training available.

This facility will give cadets the opportunity to play at the highest level for fans and spectators both in the stadium and following from afar. With special areas for camera and radio broadcasters to cover games, fans and alumni can keep up with the current cadet teams even if they can’t travel to support in person. The upgraded press box will allow for increased and improved media coverage during games so that fans can keep up with every play.

For fans who can come to support the cadets in person, the aesthetic and functional elements of the stadium will be much improved. More comfortable seats will be available to fans so that they can stay and enjoy the experience, and the stadium’s architecture and overall design will be enhanced to reflect the excellence of the student athletes and West Point as a whole.

I continue to be a proud supporter of West Point, and I look forward to supporting the student athletes in their new facility once the project is complete.

To see for yourself what happened at Monday’s groundbreaking and learn more about the work we’re doing, see the video all about it:


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