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Indiana Governor Mike Pence is Excellent Choice for VP

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Choosing a running mate is an important decision for a White House contender.  It’s an opportunity for the candidate to look presidential before assuming office and a window for voters into how he or she will govern.

Adding Indiana Governor Mike Pence to the ticket is a good move for Donald Trump, probably the best one he’s made for his campaign.  Pence is a seasoned politician with close ties to Members of Congress and party leaders, many of whom are pleased to see one of their own in the VP slot.  Knowing Mike Pence well from my role as Finance Chair for the RGA, I have the most utmost confidence in him as well as the utmost respect.  He’s also well respected nationally among conservatives and by Washington insiders who know him as a skilled and tactical pro.

The two will share the stage next week at the Republican National Convention and make their case to the American people by telling them why they should be America’s next President and Vice President.  For four days next week in Cleveland the campaign will have the opportunity to really set the tone for the general election.  This will be important, because the momentum gained and maintained immediately before and after the convention could very well determine the outcome of the election.

Every convention is an historic and electrifying spectacle, and I wouldn’t expect this one to be any different.