June 15th, 2017

Show the Country we will not Be deterred By Senseless Acts

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One of the longest standing institutions in the United States Congress came under attack this week.  It didn’t happen in the Capitol or on a cable news show but on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, in preparation for a bipartisan tradition – The Annual Congressional Baseball Game, an event that’s been on the Congressional calendar since 1909.

In a world where social media and the internet have become an increasingly toxic place for public discourse, I pray that the shocking events we all woke up to yesterday are met with a measured response.  While it is easy to get distracted from what we disagree on or what makes us different we cannot lose sight of the things that bond us, and we must move forward together to solve the problems that impact us all.

As details continue to emerge for reasons why a deranged gunman would take fire at a group of people practicing a game, a game that is one of America’s greatest pastimes, we should all take a moment to remember the men and women that represent us in Congress are only people with families and friends, all of whom care deeply about this country.

Some would say that partisanship has reached a high point in our nation’s capital, and few would disagree.  But this violent attack happened during what was certainly a moment of levity for a group of people who are confronted daily with serious issues, caught up in endless meetings about real problems for our country.

I hope that we all will keep our thoughts and prayers with Congressman Scalise, the Capitol Police, and everyone affected by this horrifying and violent attack. This is also a moment to reflect on our shared history, American ideals and the common goals we have to make the country a better place.

And we certainly shouldn’t let a deranged gunman stop us from celebrating a time honored tradition today when the Republicans and Democrats square off at Nationals Park.  I say “play ball”, and show the country that we will not be deterred by senseless acts.  And once the score is settled we must all get back to working together to solve our problems, both Republicans and Democrats.

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